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Cavity Wall Insulation Sydney

We Install Insulation Into Existing Wall Cavities In Sydney And Surrounding Suburbs.

Trusted by over 10,000 Aussie Home Owners


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Sydney Insulation - The Only Company In Sydney Certified & Accredited To Install Knauf Cavity Wall Insulation.

Knauf Supafil Carbon Plus cavity wall insulation is designed for installation into existing and new cavity wall systems which significantly increases the thermal and acoustic performance of the wall. Using Glasswool insulation material that is non-combustible, silicon treated for mould protection, is the next step in transforming the energy efficiency of your Sydney home.

double brick cavity wall insulation sydney
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Knauf Cavity Wall Insulation: Enhance Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Knauf SUPAFIL® Carbon Plus cavity wall insulation, the ultimate solution for improving energy efficiency in your home. SUPAFIL® is injected into the cavity walls of new or existing masonry constructions, whether from the inside or outside, where there is a brick or block outer layer that may be rendered.

Us, 'Sydney Insulation' the trusted accredited installer, offer this top-of-the-line cavity wall insulation to reduce energy consumption, lower heating and cooling costs, and create a comfortable living space. Let's explore the key benefits of Knauf Carbon plus as the best wall insulation product on the marker and why it's the very best wall insulation choice for your home.

Key Points

  • Knauf Carbon Plus insulation enhances energy efficiency in homes.

  • It is injected into the cavity walls of new or existing masonry constructions.

  • It can be done from the inside or outside of the home.

  • Sydney Insulation is a trusted accredited installer for Knauf SUPAFIL® Carbon Plus.

1. Unparalleled Energy Savings

Knauf Carbon Plus SUPAFIL® cavity wall insulation revolutionizes energy savings in residential buildings. With its advanced thermal properties and innovative design, this top cavity wall insulation creates an effective barrier that significantly reduces heat transfer through walls.


By minimizing heat flow, your home becomes more energy-efficient, leading to substantial savings on your energy bills.During the winter months, the insulation retains warmth, preventing heat from escaping your house through holes in the walls. This keeps your home cozy and comfortable, even on the coldest days, while reducing the need for excessive heating.


In the summer, Knauf Carbon Plus insulation acts as a shield, preventing external heat from entering your home, thereby decreasing the need for air conditioning and cooling costs.

Approximately 35% of heat loss or gain in a home occurs through uninsulated cavity walls. This is according to data based on Indicative Housing Energy Rating Software (HERS) Heating and Cooling loads for new and existing homes in NatHERS Climate Zone 13, single-story cavity walls, masonry with various orientations, and R2 & R4 ceiling insulation. They also conclude this enhanced thermal efficiency can boost the home's star rating by up to +1.2 r value.

A double brick cavity without insulation typically has a thermal rating of 0.6 r value. However, the only difference by using Supafil® CarbonPlus in a standard 50mm double brick cavity wall insulation, the cavity wall system's thermal rating improves significantly to R1.9. these results are obtained from testing conducted by the manufacturer, certified by Building Code Australia 30057.

The improved thermal efficiency achieved with Supafil® CarbonPlus makes the home more sustainable by reducing power consumption, heating and cooling costs and the overall carbon footprint of existing home.

Key Points

  • Knauf Carbon Plus SUPAFIL® cavity wall insulation drastically reduces heat transfer, leading to significant energy savings in residential buildings.

  • Retains warmth during winter and acts as a cavity shield against external heat in summer, enhancing year-round comfort and reducing heating and cooling costs.

  • Uninsulated cavity walls account for approximately 35% of heat loss or gain in a home, emphasizing the importance of proper insulation.

  • Installing cavity Supafil® CarbonPlus improves a double brick cavity's thermal rating from R0.6 to R1.9, boosting energy efficiency.

  • Achieving up to +1.2 star rating increase according to the National House Energy Rating Scheme, reflecting the insulation's exceptional thermal efficiency for the cavity.

  • Enhanced thermal performance makes homes more sustainable, reducing power consumption and carbon footprint.

2. Tailored for Cavity Walls

Knauf Carbon Plus SUPAFIL® product is specifically engineered for cavity walls, making it a perfect fit for various wall types, including double brick, brick veneer, and insulated weatherboard constructions.The insulation is expertly installed within the wall and ceiling cavity, ensuring optimal performance without altering the exterior appearance of external walls of your home.

This is cavity wall solution is a widely adopted method in over 5 million UK homes, effectively enhancing the thermal performance of existing residences. It is also suitable and efficient for use in Australian homes.

By creating an effective moisture barrier n walls, Knauf SUPAFIL® insulation prevents condensation and potential dampness issues. Cavity dampness can negatively impact the thermal performance of a building and cause health concerns due to mold growth.


The material has been put through a silicon treatment, which results in significantly less moisture in the cavity, reducing any build up of mold over time, giving you peace to enjoy a dry, warm, and cozy living environment all year round. We wouldn't concede that it makes the home rot proof as its only been used as insulation in walls in the last 10 years in construction.

Key Points

  • Perfect fit for double brick cavity, brick veneer cavity, and weatherboard cavity walls.

  • As its silicon treated, it can act as a moisture barrier, preventing dampness issues and build up of mold

  • Its has been used as a cavity wall solution in over 5million homes in the UK and is suitable for retrofitting Australian homes that are built with a cavity wall .

3. Simple Retrofitting Solution

Knauf Carbon Plus SUPAFIL® is an ideal solution for retrofitting existing homes with superior insulation. Often, poorly installed or outdated insulation in existing homes can lead to significant energy losses, resulting in higher energy bills and discomfort. Ultimately, this leads to a greater national carbon footprint.

Sydney Insulation who have retrofitted over 10,000 Aussie homes thus far, have perfected the wall insulation installation process in double brick walls, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life during the retrofitting process.

Retrofitting double brick walls and the roof of your home with Knauf insulation enhances its not only the thermal performance of the home, but the acoustic performance too, without the need for extensive renovations or major structural changes. This not only saves you time, energy bills, and money but also boosts the overall value of your property.

The installers drill small non invasive 30mm holes in a zigzag pattern in the mortar of the double brick cavity wall pumping the insulation in a high density, which ensures the entire cavity is filled under pressure, getting into every space in the cavity wall. Because of this install method, this is why is considered the market leading retrofit wall insulation.

Key points

  • Knauf Carbon Plus SUPAFIL® is the ideal retrofitting solution, reducing energy losses and lowering carbon footprint.

  • Sydney Insulation has retrofitted over 10,000 homes, perfecting the process for double brick walls with minimal disruption.

  • Retrofitting with Knauf enhances thermal and acoustic performance, adding value without extensive renovations.

  • Non-invasive installation involves small 30mm holes in a zigzag pattern for comprehensive, market-leading wall insulation.

4. Unrivaled Acoustic Insulation

In addition to its exceptional thermal properties like acoustic insulation batts, as Knauf Carbon Plus SUPAFIL® is pumped into the wall cavity, it offers unparalleled acoustic wall insulation benefits. It effectively reduces noise transmission between rooms, creating a more peaceful and tranquil living space. Many homeowners are looking for acoustic wall insulation and solutions between the cavity.

Whether it blow in insulation that's reducing sounds from within internal walls of your home, such as footsteps or conversations, or blocking external noise like traffic or neighborhood activities, this insulation installed into existing walls delivers a quieter and more relaxing atmosphere.

As the trend of building on smaller lots grows, homeowners opt for second-storey additions to expand livable space. Unfortunately, acoustic insulation for the wall cavity including brick veneer or weatherboard walls is often overlooked due to the lack of minimum standards for adjoining room walls and floors, leading to noise issues after completion.

Homeowners often discover once in their existing home, noise transference problems after its construction, causing discomfort and costly post-build corrections. Older homes also face similar acoustic challenges, prompting occupants to seek other insulated solutions for a more peaceful living environment. while they may turn to fibreglass batts, polyester batts, or polystyrene balls, it's actually where our wall cavity insulation or blow in insulation comes in.

Key Points

  • Knauf cavity wall insulation offers exceptional thermal properties and unmatched acoustic benefits as it's pumped into the wall cavity, reducing noise transmission, creating a peaceful space.

  • This wall insulation delivers a quieter atmosphere by reducing internal sounds and blocking external noise, meeting homeowners' needs.

  • In the trend of building on smaller lots, second-storey additions often overlook acoustic insulation for wall cavities, leading to post-build noise issues.

  • Discovering noise problems after construction causes discomfort and costly corrections, making acoustic wall insulation highly sought-after for new and older homes existing walls.

5. Accredited Cavity Wall Installation by Sydney Insulation

The installation of Knauf Carbon Plus cavity wall and underfloor insulation is a critical factor for your home insulation and ensuring its maximum effectiveness. That's why we, Sydney Insulation have been accredited as the lead Sydney accredited installer of choice because of our known expertise in roof insulation, wall insulation, underfloor insulation, spray foam insulation work.


Our professional team is trained to handle the installation process with precision and care, ensuring the insulation functions optimally and delivers the promised benefits. Our experts make that the cavity wall insulation will work effectively, even for challenging brick veneer homes.

With Sydney Insulation as your instal insulation specialist, you can have peace of mind and save money, knowing that your investment in Knauf cavity wall insulation is in safe hands, and you'll experience the full potential of our product.

They have seen poorly installed insulation batts in roofs, brick veneer, ceilings; underfloor and insulation batts, that have lead to moisture issues in the roof, house, wall, ceiling, roof tiles in all types of homes including brick veneer.

Key Points

  • Sydney Insulation, a lead Sydney accredited installer, ensures the maximum effectiveness of Knauf Carbon Plus cavity wall insulation with their known expertise in various insulation work, including roof, wall, underfloor, and spray foam insulation.

  • Their professional team handles the installation with precision, ensuring optimal functionality and promised benefits, even for challenging brick veneer homes.

  • Choosing Sydney Insulation provides peace of mind, cost savings, and effective insulation solutions, avoiding issues caused by poorly installed insulation in different home types.

6. Sustainable and Durable

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Knauf Carbon Plus insulation is made from environmentally friendly materials, including 80% recycled glass material. This ensures that when we install insulation, we know it has minimal impact on the environment, making it a greener choice for your home. The same cannot be said about the install of traditional fibreglass batts made with added formaldehyde chemicals.

Furthermore, the durability of Knauf Carbon Plus insulation guarantees long-lasting performance. Unlike traditional insulation materials that may degrade over time, the product remains effective for many years, providing consistent energy savings and comfort without the need for frequent replacements or maintenance. This is the same with regards to Knauf Earthwool batt range for wall insulation and roof insulation.

Key Points

  • Knauf Carbon Plus insulation is committed to sustainability, made from eco-friendly materials, including 80% recycled glass, ensuring minimal environmental impact during installation.

  • The durability of Knauf Carbon Plus insulation ensures long-lasting performance, offering consistent energy savings and comfort without frequent replacements or maintenance.

7. Defending Against Vermin

The robust structure, thickness and composition of Knauf Carbon Plus insulation create a formidable barrier against vermin. By effectively using cavity space and sealing the wall cavities, the cavity wall insulation deters pests and sustain vermin from entering your home, safeguarding your property from potential infestations and damages.


Similar to the benefits of spray foam for underfloor insulation in sealing all gaps, the same can be said for cavity wall insulation.

Key Points

  • The robust structure, thickness, and composition of Knauf Carbon Plus insulation create a strong barrier against vermin by effectively utilizing cavity space and sealing wall cavities.

  • Similar to the benefits of spray foam for underfloor insulation in sealing gaps, cavity wall insulation acts as a deterrent against pests.


Investing in Knauf Carbonplus cavity insulated wall insulation, installed by "Sydney Insulation," is a smart choice for any homeowner looking to improve their house' energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, save money, and enhance their house' overall comfort. Embrace unparalleled energy savings, acoustic insulation benefits, and a sustainable future for your home.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment and installation. Let's work together to create a greener, more energy-efficient, and comfortable living space for you and your family. By choosing Knauf Carbon plus for wall cavity insulation, wall insulation as wall insulation and "Sydney Insulation" as your installer, you're taking a crucial step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future for your home.

Cavity Wall Insulation Sydney
Cavity_wall _insulation_Sydney

Why consider CAVITYWALL insulation?

Superior Thermal Performance - Market leading solution improving energy and Rvalue rating.


Superior Acoustic Performance - Fills the entire cavity, reducing vibrations and absorbs flanking noise.


Future Proofing - The glasswool does not breakdown over time, providing lifetime benefits.


Sustainable - The insulation is environmentally sourced, made from recycled glass material.


Water and Moisture Resistant - Silicone treated, trialed and tested, and does not sustain mould growth.


Termite Resistant - Materials have zero termite attraction.


Fire Resistant - Proven and tested to have zero combustibility.


Improved Health Conditions - Made from glass with zero carcinogens. Does not contain asbestos, plastic, or polystyrene.


Electricians and Gas Fitters Safe - Does not interrupt future cavity wall installation needs.

Odor Free - Does not create any odors inside the home.


Compliant and Certified - CodeMarked and compliant with up-to-date Australian building Standards.


Significantly Reduce Heating & Cooling Running Costs - Reducing energy loss through walls by up to 65%, reducing reliance on artificial heating/cooling needs.


Quick and Clean to install - No materials required on site, with great flexibility to work in the overall construction schedule of new builds. Installers can install up to 120m2 a day.


Trusted Brand and Manufacturer - Manufactured under Quality Assurance Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 by Knauf Insulation.


Trained certified installers - Installers are technically trained and certified by the manufacturer with high standards of workmanship.


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