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Energy Efficiency Group is a specialist company providing world leading Insulation products and services for all industry sectors dedicated to maximising both the thermal and energy efficiency of any project.

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Our Story

Sydney Insulation is a branch of the Energy Efficiency Group, a company specialising in insulation services and employing more than 90 people across Australia.

With a focus on residential, commercial, and industrial markets, we have established ourselves as the foremost experts in the insulation industry throughout the country.

Operating in NSW, QLD, WA.

No-obligation quotes & advice.

Australian owned since 2014.

Insulated over 10,000 Australian homes.

Our Memberships

Insulation Experts

We ensure only the best quality of products are used.

Safe & non-toxic.

Environmentally Friendly

Non ozone depleting.

Maximum energy efficiency.

Long lasting insulation solution.

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