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Blow-in Insulation Sydney

We Install blow-in Insulation In Sydney Homes And Surrounding Suburbs.

Trusted by over 10,000 Aussie Home Owners


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Blow-In Insulation: Australia's Ugly Past, And The New Modern Insulation Replacement for Energy Efficiency and Comfort in Your Home.

As Sydney's Leading insulation removalist and insulation installer, we will share our extensive knowledge on Blow in Insulation outlining;

​We will also guide you with recommended alternative home insulation solutions common for an existing home including,​

  1. The new Earthwool insulation batts by Knauf insulation for your roof and ceilings. This 'product completely fills gaps',

  2. Knauf insulation Supafil blow in insulation for internal wall and wall cavities, and

  3. Sound shield insulation for added acoustics for roofs and ceilings.

Understanding The 'Old' Blow-In Insulation:

  • Blow in insulation, also known as "Cool or Cosy," "Blow In," "Loose Fill," "Cellulose," or "The-Fluff," is a common type of insulation installed in many houses.

  • It is commonly made of emulsified newspaper and organic cellulose, making it dusty, ineffective, and toxic.

  • Harmful chemicals such as lead, boric acid, and installed with added formaldehyde in the blown in insulation, leading to respiratory issues, especially in young children.

  • It is prone to fire risks, moisture retention, leading to inevitable ceiling sagging and roof collapse of existing homes.

  • Its reputation and extensive history was originated during the Kevin Rudd era, where tens of thousands of Aussie Homes utilised the government's subsidy, to upgrade homes with blow in insulation. But boy did we create a catastrophe.

  • Blow-in insulation has an extensive history being known as loose-fill insulation installed in roofs and walls, with the perception as a highly effective method of insulating your home. Its poor history when known as celulose, wool, and newspaper has lead to Us completing over removals in over 10,000 Aussies homes.​

  • It's worth noting however, that unlike traditional insulation batts, which come in pre-cut rectangle shapes or rolls, blow-in insulation being made up of loose insulation, small particles that can be just blown in into tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, is actually an incredible thermal solution!

sydney insulation removal
sydney insulation removal
blow in insulation sydney

The Re-Mastered of Glasswool Blow-In Insulation:

The unique characteristics of blow-in insulation to completely fill gaps, providing a seamless and uniform insulation layer, provides an ideal solution to achieve optimal energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Therefore, now that Knauf Insulation has re-mastered the old blow in insulation with Glasswool blow-in insulation lets expore the benefits.

1. Excellent Energy Efficiency

Blow-in insulation creates a continuous and airtight barrier, minimizing heat flow in and out of your home. By preventing heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer, your home's can significantly decrease, leading to substantial energy savings.

2. Acoustic Performance

In addition to its thermal benefits, blow-in insulation also acts as a sound shield, reducing unwanted noise transmission between rooms and from the outside environment. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful living space with enhanced acoustic insulation.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Blow-in insulation is made from recycled glass as one of its main components, making it an eco-conscious choice for environmentally responsible homeowners. It also does not contain Formaldehyde. By choosing blow-in insulation, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying its impressive benefits.

4.Resistant to Moisture and Mold

Unlike old cellulose and blow-in paper insulation, which can be susceptible to moisture retention and mold growth, Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass is designed to resist moisture and maintain its insulation properties even in damp conditions.

This feature ensures that the insulation remains effective and reliable over time, even in areas prone to moisture exposure.

5. Reduced Settling

Old cellulose and blow-in paper insulation often experience settling, leading to gaps and reduced insulation effectiveness.

Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass, on the other hand, maintains its loft and coverage, eliminating the need for re-insulation or adjustments.

6. Consistent Performance

With Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass, homeowners can enjoy consistent and long-lasting thermal and acoustic performance.

Its advanced manufacturing process ensures uniform distribution and density, resulting in reliable insulation coverage and optimal energy efficiency.

7. Quick and Easy Installation

Blow-in insulation can be installed efficiently and effectively, even in tight spaces and irregularly shaped areas. Trained professionals use specialized equipment to blow it into place, ensuring a seamless and thorough coverage.

8. Versatile Application

Blow-in insulation can be used in various parts of your home, including walls, ceilings, and underfloor areas. Whether you have double brick walls, weatherboard walls, or skillion roofs, blow-in insulation is adaptable to different construction types.

9. Non-Combustible and Safe

Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass is non-combustible, providing an added layer of safety for your home.

It does not contribute to the spread of fire, making it a reliable and secure insulation solution.

supafil insulation sydney
supafil blow in insulation sydney
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Blow-In Benefits Conclusion

  • Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass is a superior insulation choice, offering outstanding both thermal and acoustic insulation, performance, environmental sustainability, and safety benefits.

  • Compared to old cellulose and blow-in paper insulation, Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass insulation provides more insulation, higher R-value, resistance to moisture and mold, reduced settling, and consistent performance.

  • Embrace the advantages of Knauf Earthwool Blow-In Glass insulation and transform your home into an energy-efficient, comfortable, and eco-friendly haven.

  • Knauf Insulation has appointed Sydney Insulation as the prefered installer, so as your trusted expert in blow-in insulation removal and blow in installer in Sydney, we understand the importance of a well-insulated home that provides year-round comfort, reduces energy bills, and promotes a healthy living environment. Let's explore the benefits of our services and how we can transform your home into a more efficient and comfortable space.

Installation Process and Considerations:

Installing blow-in insulation requires the expertise who are well-versed in the process installing  the blown in insulation product. We have been certified and accredited by Knauf Insulation as a prefered installer. We will carefully assess your home's insulation needs and recommend the appropriate blow in based on your specific requirements. The full blown in insulation installation process involves the following steps:

1. Assessment and Preparation

We conduct a thorough assessment of your home, identifying areas that need insulation and determining the amount of insulation required. We may recommend Earthwool Batts or if you have existing insulation, we recommend Cavity Wall insulation. Then we will prepare the space for installation, by removing old insulation ensuring all electrical wires are safely secured and any potential obstructions are cleared.

2. Blowing the Insulation

Using specialized equipment, the insulation material is blown into the designated areas, effectively filling all gaps and voids. The insulation is distributed evenly to achieve consistent thermal performance.

3. Ensuring Complete Coverage

Our insulation specialists will meticulously check that every nook and cranny is adequately insulated, leaving no areas vulnerable to heat loss, air infiltration, or sound leakage.

blow in insulation sydney

Why Choose Sydney Insulation Insulation To Remove your Old Blow In Insulation?

Be Comfy

Old insulation loses its effectiveness over time, leaving your home vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. In fact, most old insulation barely meets 25% of the minimum requirements set by the Australian Building Code. Our insulation removal services ensure your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, offering you year-round comfort.

Be Healthy

Old insulation can harbor harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, asbestos, and boric acid, which become airborne and lead to respiratory issues. Our safe and effective insulation removal keeps you and your family healthy, free from harmful pollutants.

Be Efficient 

Nearly half of your energy bills are attributed to heating and cooling costs. Inefficient old insulation contributes to this expense. By upgrading to energy-efficient insulation, you can save hundreds of dollars annually on your energy bills.

Be Confident 

At Sydney Insulation, we specialize in blow-in insulation removal, a common type of insulation found in many homes. This outdated insulation, known by various names like "Cool or Cosy," "Blow-In," "Loose Fill," and "Cellulose," is made of emulsified newspaper and organic cellulose. It is not only dusty and ineffective but also contains toxic chemicals like lead, boric acid, and formaldehyde.We take pride in using advanced commercial insulation removal systems to extract old insulation directly from your roof space. Our 23 HP vacuum ensures thorough removal of old insulation, effectively eliminating health hazards and dust problems.

Be Ready

After insulation removal, we recommend installing new insulation for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. We recommend Knauf Earthwool batt insulation, the world leading eco-friendly insulation material. These insulation batts feature a long lifespan coming with a 50 year warranty, offering you peace of mind.Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and reducing energy consumption. Our high-performance ceiling insulation, with R-values well above the minimum requirements, creates a thermal break, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. By relying less on artificial heating and cooling, you can substantially lower your energy bills and enjoy savings year-round.

What about Wall Insulation for the Wall Cavity & Internal Walls.

When it comes to wall insulation, we are the go to to retrofit wall insulation in wall cavities. Installing insulation in Cavity walls in brick veneer, internal plasterboard, double brick existing walls not only acts and an acoustic barrier, but once you add insulation inside the double brick;

  • The knauf insulation system creates radiant heat protection,

  • sustain vermin,

  • a cost effective option, with

  • great acoustic benefits.

It's the ideal solution for existing homes, when installed correctly. The extensive history of brick veneer homes with double brick cavity walls, and traditional roof tiles, benefits from rot proof knauf insulation. Blow-in wall insulation, is a cost-effective and energy-efficient option for improving your home's comfort and reducing energy bills.

Its benefits, environmentally friendly components, and versatile application make it a smart choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their existing insulation and system.

By electing us  as your experienced insulation specialists, you have confidence we can install insulation that can transform your living spaces into cozy and serene environments, free from the hassles of high energy costs and unwanted noise.

Embrace the power of blow-in wall insulation, and take the first step towards a more sustainable and comfortable home.

wall insulation sydney
cavity wall insulation sydney

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